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AMSplus, Inc. is a New England based provider of medical billing and practice management services.  Since 1982, AMSplus has been offering advanced solutions that combine the power of trained professionals with rules driven database to continually improve the revenue cycle of medical providers.

With the advance of managed care and the steady decline of reimbursement, physicians are turning to AMSplus for solutions to the ever increasing difficulties of hiring knowledgeable staff and choosing the right technology for today. AMSplus works as a business partner, whose focus is to continually increase revenues and reduce risk, using a hands-on approach you can trust.

Our software applications are developed using Intersystems’ Caché technology, the world’s leading database in the healthcare industry. Our technology is fast, flexible and meets the most stringent requirements for performance, reliability and scalability, including all certified HIPAA regulatory requirements. Our technology is used by the 10 largest hospitals in the United States. AMSplus is one of only a handful of revenue cycle management companies that integrates all aspects of the billing process into a single seamless service using a single Web-based technology platform.
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