Document Imaging


3dSTAR (Document Storage Tracking And Retrieval) is an online, browser based paperless document management system that replaces paper with digital images. It enables the replacement of large records file rooms and cumbersome staff-intensive searching for documents with a small, efficient, and elegantly searchable online system. With the “easy search” mechanism, the user can retrieve, review, and print the online “soft copy”.

Web based, easy to learn, simple to use, quickly updated, and portable to multiple types of systems
Increase ROI through significant storage and retrieval savings.
Maximize access to your information.
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Web based administration of system parameters
Fully searchable indices
Quick retrieval and online viewing
Ability for third party access to online images
Reports for tracking and storage maintenance
Document Imaging applications linked to Medical Billing Management software

The Docuwork application was written using a combination of state of the art tools including JavaScript and Intersystems’ Caché. Caché is one of the fastest transaction processing databases on the market today and so reliable that it is the world’s leading software engine in healthcare.

Using a combination of CSP (Caché Server Pages) to access data in a Caché database and JavaScript for client side processing, the Docuwork system is an efficient and powerful tool.

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