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AMSplus Provider Enrollment Services

AMSplus has delivered Provider Enrollment Services for over 25 years to over 5000 physicians and other health care professionals. AMSplus has established networking relationships with third party payers throughout several of the east coast states.

AMSplus offers comprehensive and case management Provider Enrollment Services. The mission of AMSplus Systems Provider Enrollment Services is to guarantee a service that will aggressively work to obtain billing numbers and billing affiliations with third party payers ensuring an immediate and maximum cash flow.

AMSplus’ Microsoft Gold Certified software automates the Provider Enrollment process and is designed to enhance the benefits of our client services.

This unique and progressive automated Provider Enrollment Services offers your practice earlier start dates for new physicians by cutting the Provider Enrollment time in half.

By accessing the AMSplus website, physicians can now begin the Provider Enrollment process upon hire. Physicians can go to the AMSplus website, create their password, log on, and complete a One Time Physician Profile application.

Once the Physician has completed the One Time Physician Profile application, AMSplus Provider Enrollment software automates the Physician Profile information and prepares several insurance enrollment applications. Once the applications are prepared, it is then available for the provider’s signature.

This advanced process reduces Provider Enrollment time by eliminating several mailings, manual completion of enrollment applications, and the ongoing request for additional information from the provider.

Carriers will now receive the physician’s enrollment application in half the time. Your practice will no longer experience revenue loss due to delays in the Provider Enrollment process.

AMSplus offers the following Provider Enrollment services: state medical licenses, hospital medical appointments & privileges, physician organizations, memberships, enrollment with payers, and ongoing re-Provider Enrollment of physicians.

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