Office Based Specialties

AMSplus is a full-service
Billing Company...

•  Web-based appointment scheduling, patient registration and real time charge entry

•   Charge Capture System

•  Daily Patient Log Verfification

•  RVU based fee schedule analysis and reports

•  Claims Eligibility Verification

•  Coding Training and support

•  Customized reports to your specialty and practice needs

•  Full Provider Enrollment Services

AMSplus retains experienced Practice Managers to coordinate and manage your billing activities. We provide constant feedback to your physicians on proper documentation to ensure you are getting paid for everything you do. Whether your practice consists of one physician or dozens, you can count on consistent and personal service to help your practice prosper and grow.

AMSplus also offers access to WoRx 3D, our web based Business Intelligence platform, at no additional charge, to our billing clients. With WoRx 3D, you are only seconds away from receiving critical insight into revenue cycle and reimbursement processes, key trends and identifying root causes of reimbursement problems. Using our simple yet powerful web interface, you can review dashboard reports for high-level performance or drill down into your data to the deepest level.

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